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Joss Stone – The chokin? kind

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I only meant to love you
Didn´t you know it babe
Didn´t you know it
Why couldn´t you be content
With the love I gave oh yeah
I gave you my heart
But you wanted my mind, oh yeah
Your love scares me to death, boy
Oh it´s the chokin kind
That´s all it is

You can kill a girl
With a bottle of poison or a knife
I know you can
I´ll hurt her more to take her pride
And run her life
Oh it´s a shame boy
Whatever it is boy
I surely hope you find, oh yeah
I tell you that hat don´t fit my head
Oh, it´s the chokin kind

It makes me wanna mmm mmm mmm mmm
Oh yeah, oh listen to me
When you fall in love again boy
Take a tip from me oh yeah
If you don´t like the peach, walk on by the tree
That´s what you better do, honey
Find what you want boy
Keep it, treat it, sweet and kind, oh yeah
Oh let it breathe, don´t make it the chokin kind
Oh no, don´t break your heart baby
Oh no, I know you love me really I do, honey
I tell you your love scares me to death boy
It´s the chokin kind
That´s all it is
I got to say it again
It´s that old chokin kind


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