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Kandi – Sucka For You

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I was a sucka for you
so crazy in love with you
but I’ll be damned if I do
nothin else you want me to do
cuz I got played for a fool
and you know that wasnt cool
you made it harder for the brothas
cuz of you I just dont trust em

I thought it was all good
me and you
sayin that you my boo
but neva knew
that you was doin the doo
with every girl thats givin out hoochie coo
Now I find and it’s just blowin my mind
that everytime I said that you was mine
they was laughin behind my back and
now that i found out I am so mad

so I am sayin
hold up, wait a minute
slow down, turn around
Am I really gonna let dis bull shit go down
let you back now I dont see how
when i know that you’ve been gettin around
with every girl in town
ya throwin down
boy everybody knows about
you made it harder for the brothas
cuz of you i just dont trust em


I thought I had turned you out
cuz you told me i was so fine
neva knew that it was just a line
that you said just to get my time
you had me feelin like such a fool
because i gave you the booty too
you were playin with my head
just to get me in your bed



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