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Limp Bizkit – I´m broke

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I aint no joke
So you should get yourself a pen
And write yourself a little note so you don´t forget again
When it comes to cash
I´ve been gettin? smoked
Lendin? out my money now im broke
Somebody´s gettin? choked
Cuz now its time to pay the piper
Bums are the type of shit that are in a diaper
Don´t make me have to call a sniper
And wipe your brains off my windshield you dirty bug
As soon as I get paid they come in masses
There´s someone givin? classes on kissin? peoples asses
Unless you´re livin´ where the trash is
Don´t even come around here askin? where my cash is!!

Me, I´m broke
Me, I´m broke
I aint no joke
I´ll say it once again
If I get provoked there?ll be knuckles on your chin
Some people never learn
Borrowin from me you might regret it
For one I aint no bank and you got shitty credit!!
As soon as I get paid they´re comin´ out the woodwork
Take your ass and get a job like you should jerk
Unless you´re livin´ where the trash is
But your not so find another spot where the cash is


Gimme back my money you bum
You said you´d pay me back
I´m broke and for that you deserve a smackin? for slackin?
Now people say I´m a slacker
If IM a slacker then its through the eyes of the ones that are blind!!
Me, I´m broke
Poor old me
I´m broke

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