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Limp Bizkit – Outro

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This, HDFW bass to Chocolate Starfish, read, over

Chocolate Starfish, reading, over

Your mission, universal communication
Was your mission completed?

Permission to terminate

Permission granted

Bring it ooooon

Featuring: Ben Stiller

Jesus, ooooh
I can put a Z in my name
I´m bad
I´m never gonna move out of Jacksonville
I´m livin´ in fucken? Hollywood
You know this is my first uh rock slash rap album
So, it´s kind of new for me
The whole pop world
This is a phat beat, by the way
And I´m talkin? PH phat
Thank you uh, to uh, DJ Lethal
For this phat beat
Did you grow up with DJ Lethal, Fred?
And did you call him DJ Lethal when you were kids?
That´s what his momma named him huh?
Oooh, little DJ Lethal
Can´t mess with Limp Bizkit
Cause we get it on every day and every night
So, back it up, you know what I´m saying?

Fred: You don´t like Limp Bizkit?

No no no, I think Limp Bizkit is great man!

Fred: What do you like about us?

Um, I like that you´re so fucken? out there
with your message You know, shut the fuck
up man! Watch out mom! Big bad rock star!

Fred: Are you serious?

Ooh, I can slash your ass with a chainsaw
No, I´m just saying the message of being able
to slash someones ass, that´s a good message
to put out there
And with a chainsaw, we´re gonna get it down raw
Or whatever, you know what I´m talking about?
You know what I´m talking about right?

Fred: So obviously, you really don´t, you´re
not down with the Bizkit

No no I´m limpin? with the bizkit I´m totally
limpin? with the bizkit man I am limpin? with
the bizkit Totally

Fred: And would you pay, are you gonna pay money
to listen to this record?

This record? Which one, this one, you mean Chocolate
Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water?
So yeah, cut the beat and let´s start this shit up, ok?
Come on, shut the fuck up, and start this shit up
It´s all crazy thrash, punk, pop, metal to you
But it´s somewhere out there in the
You know, up there with Rod Stewart and uh
Rod Stewart, is the Bizkit man
I mean I´m talkin?, when you´re limpin? with the Bizkit,
you´re talkin? about the major groups in rock ?n roll
Who else could take rap, hip-hop, thrash punk metal
Take it, throw it in the can, spin it around
and, come out with something that wasn´t fertilizer?
And it was the Bizkit, the Limp Bizkit man
And when they came on the scene, I don´t care what you say
Counterfeit blew the fucken? people down town

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