Maria Mena – What?s another day

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You give this way more thought than it deserves
You say when I tell you about my fear of reajection
I wouldn´t know better than to get scared
Cause since we met we´ve had this great connection

“You know concrete colored buildings all grow stale!”
You say as I look up dreaming
I know better then to include the both of us
But I can´t sleep
When you´re gone

And you say
“what´s another day?”

This stage of oblivion I find comfortable
And prior to this I never spoke
You say you understand my bsence now
And why I never tell jokes

You know

Whats another day?
When we´re already getting used to gray
What´s another day?
If inspiration grows out from this
What´s another day?
From silance is the next best thing to bliss
And we´re all getting used to hearing you say

You know [x2]

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