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Maria Mena – My lullaby

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please tell me what to do,
I´m so disappointed in you,
You said those words that made me cry,
And you always wondered why,
why I sing my lullaby,

please hurry home to me,
I waited up so patiently,
You sat down and start to cry,
But you never ask me why,
Why I sing my lullaby,
Why I sing my lullaby,

Was it my fault they lead you in the wrong direction,
Was it my fault they didn´t show you any affection,
I show you and I start to cry,
still you always wonder why,
why i sing my lullaby

Mom why love me if your cold,
You´ll just get bitter then grow old,
Ask me when I start to weep,
Then I´ll tell you in my sleep, Why I sing my lullaby [x5]


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