McFly – Not alone

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Life is getting harder day by day
Aind i don´t know what to do or what to say
And my mind is growing weak every step i take
Its uncontrolable now they think I´m fake yeah

Coz I´m not alone
I´m not alone
I´m not alone

I get on the train on my own
And my tired radio keeps playin tired songs
And i know that there´s not long to go
Coz all i wanna do i just go home


People rip me for the clothes i wear
Every day just seems to be the same
They just swear
They just don´t care [x3]


Na na na na?s

Coz I´m not alone
La la la la I´m not alone

(Letra vista 2 veces, 1 veces hoy)