McFly – Unsaid things

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This girl that moved up the road from me,
She had the nicest legs I´ve ever seen
Back then, she wrote me letters just to say she loved me,
But now her face is just a memory

Now seven years have gone,
And I´ve grown up but she´s moved on,
and some how I´m still holding on to her!

I still got so many unsaid things that I wanna say,
And I just can´t wait another day,
I wish she knew
I still wait up wondering if she will remember me,
But there´s no way for me to know

Now she´s got pregnant with a baby,
It feels like she´s slipping away from me
Now that she´s getting married I´m in misery,
cos her fiance is so much bigger than me

Cos he works out alot,
there´s not much that he ain´t got,
and right now im losing the plot, along with her


And I want her to know, before she´s married and has her baby, that I need her



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