98 Degrees – Never Giving Up

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Tell me what’s been going on
How did our love go so wrong
‘Cause I know that I made some mistakes
Oh, baby
And, girl, it’s written on your face
That you wanna walk away
And just say that your feelings have changed
Oh, yeah
I know you still need me
I can see it in your eyes
You’re afraid of your feelings
But, girl, you can’t deny

You know that I tried a thousand times
To win your love, but it’s never enough
It’s been a dream for you and me
And, girl, can’t you see
That I’m not giving up
I’m never giving up

All I need is one more chance
Don’t give up on this romance
I’m the one that’s got just what it takes
Oh, yeah
So, don’t go wasting all your time
A love like this is hard to find
I’m right here and I swear I’ll be waiting
And deep down, you’re hurting
I can see it in your eyes
I know you still want me
But, you have to realize






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