Aaron Carter – I´m All About You

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I´m all about you

There´s somethin´
I´ve got to say
You´re always with me
Even though, you´re far away
Talkin to you on my cell
Just the sound of your voice
Makes my heart melt
Oh girl, well it´s true

I´m all about you
I´m all about us
No baby, you never have
To question my love
And every night
There´s a new crowd
But it´s always you
I´m singing about
There is only one these words
Are going out to

Oh girl, I´m all about you

I know you worry sometimes
Some other girl well make me
Forget your mine
There´s not a doubt in this world
That anyone could take
The place of my number one girl

Repeat chorus

When I close my eyes
I can see you
It´s like you are here
And this feeling is only getting stronger
Your with me everywhere

Repeat chorus

I´m all about you(x5)





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