Whitney Houston – Tell me no (feat. santana)

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Reaching for my dreams
And you´re so quick to say what I can´t do
You criticize my action
But I don´t see you standing in my shoes
I´m going the wrong way
I´m doing the wrong things
Every word just gives me fuel
So come on come on come on come on come on come on

And tell me no
And I´ll show you I can
And tell me no
I sink my feet right in
Tell me no
Just tell me that I can win
Come on
I´m sure I´ll prove you wrong
Go on and go
Tell me no

Every step I take you´re right there trying to block my next move
If you´re making me feel bad, then tell me then do you feel good
I´m just human I know what I´m doing
That´s what my heart tells me I should
So come on come on come on come on come on come on


No no no no no no no
You motivates me more and more
And I think it´s time that you know
Giving me something to afford
And I can´t wait for the day
I can rock things in your place
I ain´t gonna stop til I´m done
I reach the top I´m the No1
For everytime you try and tell me no
Oh you makes me keep on keep it all

[Chorus x2]





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