Cher – Strong enough

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I don´t need your sympathy
There´s nothing you can say or do for me
And I don´t want a miracle
You´ll never change for no one
And I hear your reasons why
Where did you sleep last night?
And was she worth it, was she worth it?

I´m strong enough to live without you
Strong enough and I quit crying
Long enough now I´m strong enough
To know you gotta go

[Chorus 2]

There´s no more to say
So save your breath and walk away
No matter what I hear you say
I´m strong enough to know you gotta go

So you feel misunderstood
Baby have I got news for you
On being used, I could write the book
But you don´t wanna hear about it

Cause I´ve been losing sleep
And you´ve been going cheap
And she ain´t worth half of me it´s true
I´m telling you, that


Come hell or waters high
You´ll never see me cry
This is our last goodbye, it´s true
Now,I´m telling you

[chorus 2]

[chorus 2]

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