Cher – Taxi, taxi

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All these streets are never ending
Tie them in a knot
Drive me through a red light waiting
For everyone to stop
Sing to me like Pavarotti
Sing to me of Spain
Take me to your operetta
And make it rain

Taxi, taxi give me a ride
I´m going to take you
To the other side
Taxi, taxi turn off your light
I´m going to ride with you all night

Take me to your meditation
Take me to your door
Show me love´s sweet revelation
Lying on your floor
Hold me in your arms forever
Take me to the end
Drive me to the edge of nowhere
And sing again


You´re as cool as Colorado
And Orpheus on fire
Crash the car into a rainbow
Here with me tonight
All the satellites are shining
In the starry sky
I can feel your arms surround me
Higher and higher


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