Cher – Takin back my heart

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Babe, I´m all through lovin? you
Wasting my precious time on you
Gonna walk away, walk out
Kiss this love goodbye
Ain´t no words you´re gonna say
Gonna change my mind

I don´t deserve all the hurt
Won´t´ put up with the pain
Been too many lies, baby
Too many games


I´m taking back my heart
Takin? back my heart
Repossessin? my affection
Takin? back my heart
Because baby, baby, baby
Don´t belong to you no more

What did I ever see in you?
How could I be so blind a fool?
Gonna walk away, walk out
Take my love and leave
Gonna save it up for somebody
Who really loves me

You don´t deserve me around
And now I´m gonna go
Kiss me goodbye baby
I´m out the door


Given up all the pain
Packing up all my pride
I´ve got one word to say
And that word is «goodbye»
If you´d just realised
Good love don´t come for free
Then I wouldn´t be
I wouldn´t be, oh yeah


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