Tannia Lee – I will never be like you want

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I am sure that princesses live their own story
so why I have to share all with you?
you may think that I am a normal girl,
but dearly I had grown up, and you didn’t oh
Do you think that you have made me be
like I never wanted?
do you feel me near when you were crying?
I couldn’t felt anything with you,
you always left me alone

I cant be like you say, I forget you
I didn’t think that love will raise
I hope you are not with other girl
not for me, because of her ahaa
I wll never be that girl,
that is always doind what you wanna
I am like I know, sweet and without
things to controloh

Do you have ever heard about a lovely story
of a girl singing all day long?
well yes I had, and I will say you baby,
you’re not my prince
I laeve you cause all taht,
you never went down
feel it, you know it right

(E) x 2





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