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Tannia Lee – The freak girl

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You said once, » look at her, she’s so dust»
But now, you realised, that that girl was more than that
You’re seeing her now, you can’t belive
Honey how fool you were to hurt her like you did!
Now you want to keep closer
But you don’t know she won’t forget
the damage you caused in her, so insane and insipid
Are you taking this too long?
Or I can say you the truth?

I am that freak girl, you thaught like that once
I am that nerd one you laughed about
I am the victim of you hypocrisim
Now you want me to be your friend
You lose your time
I am the freak girl, fat and smart
Now I’ve changed, I don’t fear at all telling
how I was

You said once » look that girl, she’s the freak of the class»
But know, you know, That that girl keeps you moving on
You’re trying to stay with her now, you can’t imagine
That that girl was me
Myd ear, how stupid you were, but I don’t care
Now you want to fit in my world
But you don’t know that there’s no place, not for you
the pain I supported cause you, so ugly and unfaithfully
Are you feeling this?
Or you are just trying to keep it away from you?

Tell me how it feels
Be a freak now that you’ve lost me!?

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