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Tannia Lee – My boy

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a look to you, you looked me too
whe met, we talked and now I love you
I’m not the only one who likes you right now
the world just know that we’re in love
but many things are not allright
you know right now that
her eyes are in your heart
you know that I, I’m not sure
to love your truth

But this is not the cause
to left me next to you, to
leave me there alone
One day you were my boy
And now she wats you too
maybe you like her more than me
but don’t forget
I’ll give you revenge

I’m not fine
you can’t know what I feel
right now
I can’t understand how you left me
and now she is your girl now
Who can say me
what happened with us?
Why I’m here, I don’t know
but you were my boy

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