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Tannia Lee – The same way

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I know that maybe
I didn’t want you here
when all cames down, where I cry,
I know that this is not the place
to say you that our thing is over,
but this is just a fool of myself,
I know that you wasn’t for me,
I realised all
But say me one last time, that my tears will drop
the care and the pain, all on you
as the same way that I did,
when I was following you
This is a truth,
maybe you can understand,
I’ll be so far away,
darkness is just a prototipe,
I am the onlyone that rests

Rest in peace, my poor soul,
you know everything,
you know the way I feel,
I can’t say you that you’re ok,
cause we lost all just in one day

I wanna make it right
just let me
just stay away, say me what’s better
dream or be yourself

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