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Outkast – Where Are My Panties

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[spoken:] “the morning after”

What time is it?
Where Where Where are my where are my panties?
Oh my god where are my panties?
What? I don´t
He gon? think I´m a hoe
Fuck that I liked it
I was drunk and it was my birthday anyway
Maybe I should just lay here and let him touch my booty
Mmmm but he don´t even know my name

I know she think I just think she some kind of hoe
I don´t give a shit about givin it up on the first night
That just let me know she know what she want out of life
What a hell of a way to goddamn wake up
Ooo that shit was good
Oo maybe she?ll get me some breakfast
She so god damn sweet
Sweet as she wanna be
Oo I just like Oo i wanna lay in her hair
Can´t fall for her don´t fall for her ice cold (ice cold)
Maybe I´ll just roll over and just lay on her booty
Yeah naw naw naw
Nah I´ll just lay here and be cool be cool ice cold (ice cold)
But what if she´s what if she´s what if she´s if she´s the one

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