Prince – Life ?o? the party

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This is the life o? the party
We gonna do it right

So Ur havin? a party?
Goody 4 U
All the beautiful people gonna b there?
Yeah, that´s cool
U know Ur gonna have a good time cause U got the news
That the life o? the party is gonna party with U

We´re doing our own thing
Until the sun?ll come up
Sweet Candy gonna b there
Yeah, it´s gonna b rough
She ain´t got no off switch
And neither do eye
When U read it in the paper 2morrow
U gonna hang Ur head and cry


We gonna have us a party
All r welcome 2
We ain´t down with nobody
That don´t party like we do
Once we get it started
We got 2 go all night
This is the life of the party
We gonna do it right

Why party in your own yard
When U can party in mine?
All the beautiful people gonna b there
Puttin? the «I» in fine
Throw the records out my window
CD?s out the door
Might as well give it 2 the milkman
We don´t want it no more

Everybody can smell this funk y?all
Down in Altanta GA
Everybody, even Dre and Em, know it´s OK
Hey, we don´t need any trippin? y?all on this special day
We just callin? 2 let U know
U better not come if U can´t stay


What´s it gonna take 2 get Ur booty soakin? wet?
U and me closer baby, that´s a bet

Eye?m the life of the party
As long as eye got your body
Shakin like a leaf on a tree
Cutie come dance with me
U and me, we got mad chemistry
Don´t it make U wanna holler?
Come with the life of the party, y?all
We´re still makin dollars
25 years 2 life
The judge sentenced me 2 hard labor with a knife
Making cuts 4 y?all
Keeping the party packed and wall 2 wall
Eye don´t care what they say
«He don´t play the hits no more
plus eye thought he was gay»

But it ain´t nothing if it ain´t fun
My voice is getting higher
and Eye ain´t never had my nose done
That´s the other guy
All the purple hippies bang your head on the 1


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